A Guide to Successful Property Investment


A well-managed investment property can offer distinct advantages, including income and capital growth. As considerable sums of money are involved, you should take the time to develop a comprehensive understanding before you act.

This booklet is the first step in the process and is designed to provide an overview of the considerations required for any owner of an investment property.

The booklet gives you an overview of the considerations required for successfully investing in property and includes:

  • Why invest in property?
  • Do your sums
  • Arranging a new home loan
  • Using home equity
  • Property investment benefits
  • Choosing an investment property
  • Who manages the property?
  • Landlord insurance
  • What costs will I have met?
  • How much should I rent the property for?
  • Marketing your property
  • The tenant
  • The role of the property manager
  • Legislation
  • Property management budget
  • Landlord and tenant agreements