3 tips for a fast clearing of clutter

Friday 16 Nov 2018

When you come out of that winter slumber, it's easy to find you've let the house get overrun with items - making your spring clean seem like a gigantic task.

However, with these quick tips you can lighten the load, a little at a time - your home will feel clearer and more attractive in no time at all!

Make it a race3-tips-for-a-fast-clearing-of-clutter.png

By setting yourself a competitive goal, you can breezily clear through old clothes in under ten minutes. Simply get yourself a rubbish bag, take on the piles of clothes that have not been sorted through, and see how quickly you can fill it with clothes to give away. By giving yourself a time limit you won't just have a quick clean, you'll spend less time umm-ing and ahh-ing over whether to get rid of items or not - which we all know is one of the easiest ways to procrastinate!

Take one item at a time

Pick a shelf, drawer, or countertop in your home - any one will do - and clear it of everything. Find things you will throw out, and work out exactly what you want to keep. By doing this to just one shelf you'll get an idea for exactly what items you want to keep, be able to see instant results of decluttering, and complete it all within five minutes!

Categorise your items

Rubbish, charity, or keep - most items you own will fit into one of these three categories. Have a bin or box for each and when you take on small cleaning jobs like organising a cupboard, put everything in one of these. You'll develop your own system, but make sure everything has a destination.

With these tips you'll start finding more space in your home extremely quickly, and be able to get on with the important things - like relaxing in your newly cleared living space.

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